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ellipsis points

Ellipsis points are a three-dot sequence used to indicate that something has been left out of a sequence or passage. Do not leave a space before a three-dot sequence. Leave a space after a three-dot sequence if it is followed by a new new sentence. Also, do not use spaces between dots.

If the words that precede an ellipsis constitute a grammatically complete sentence, either in the original or in the condensation, place a period at the end of the last word before the ellipsis. It should be noted that terminal punctuation is retained before points of ellipsis; the first point is the period, indicating the end of the sentence quoted, and the three points of ellipsis follow:

"The students felt strongly that the park needed a master plan," Hays says. "We ended up master-planning the whole park.... We’ve tackled the entire 19 acres."

"I think it’s going to be really good exposure for them and also for me because there’s a lot of professional people taking the M.B.A. at UTSA," Tomita says. "It’s going to be a rich mix of feedback...from their different backgrounds and disciplines."

Other punctuation immediately before or after an ellipsis may be retained, but is not required.

Note that an ellipsis is not used at the beginning of a block quote nor, usually, at the beginning of a quotation used in running text.

If a block quote or a run-in quote closes with a grammatically complete sentence (even if it’s been shortened), it's unnecessary to add an ellipsis.


Always spell email without a hyphen (per AP). Hyphenate all other terms that use the letter e in place of electronic:

e-business, e-newsletters


Emeritus is the singular, masculine form, and emerita is the singular, feminine form. For groups, emeriti can be used for men only or a group of men and women together, while emeritae can only be used for a group of all women.

All references of the variation on emeritus follow the noun.

Jacinto Quirarte, professor emeritus of art and art history, was honored by the Sons of the Republic of Texas.

Honors went to Bernard Rapoport, chairman emeritus and founder of American Income Life Insurance Co., for his support for the UTSA Downtown Campus.

The awards, founded by Professor Emerita Marian Martinello, recognize the best projects by interdisciplinary students.


Often confused with insure, which refers to insurance.

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