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Editorial Style Guide



Capitalize only when part of a formal name. Lowercase the informal reference:

Office of Communications BUT communications office

on-campus, on campus

Hyphenate as an adjective before the noun; otherwise, leave as two words.

He lives in on-campus housing. She’s always wanted to live on campus.

on-campus housing

UTSA’s on-campus housing options are Alvarez Hall, Chaparral Village, Laurel Village, Chisholm Hall and University Oaks.


ordinal numbers

In general, do not spell out ordinals, unless part of a course title. Do not superscript the -th or -nd in ordinal constructions.

20th century, 2nd District Court, 6th Fleet Topics in Nineteenth-Century Literature


Capitalize only if part of a proper name.

Roadrunner Days is an orientation for freshmen.
All students must attend New Student Orientation.

out of state, out-of-state

Hyphenate when modifying a noun:

out-of-state tuition
He wants to go to school out of state.

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