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Saint (St.)

Abbreviate with place names and saints, such as St. Louis, St. Matthew, St. Mary’s University. For personal names, follow the individual’s preference:

Camille Saint-Saens, Jill St. John

San Antonio City Council

The city council or the council on second reference.

San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau

See Visit San Antonio.

San Antonio Military Medical Center

Formerly Brooke Army Medical Center. The name changed in 2011.

San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter

San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk

Schedule of Classes

school districts

There are 16 school districts within Bexar County:

  • Alamo Heights Independent School District
  • East Central Independent School District
  • Edgewood Independent School District
  • Fort Sam Houston Independent School District (military)
  • Harlandale Independent School District
  • Judson Independent School District
  • Lackland Independent School District (military)
  • North East Independent School District
  • Northside Independent School District
  • Randolph Independent School District (military)
  • San Antonio Independent School District
  • Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District
  • Somerset Independent School District
  • South San Antonio Independent School District
  • Southside Independent School District
  • Southwest Independent School District


Lowercase the names of seasons unless they are part of a formal name or designate an issue of a periodical:

Winter Olympic Games
It is in the Fall 2003 issue of Sombrilla Magazine.
He graduated in the fall semester.
The doctoral program in anthropology began in spring 2007.

SeaWorld San Antonio


Lowercase references to semesters:

the spring 2002 semester


See commas.

Sept. 11, 2001

Use on first reference. Second reference is 9/11

Six Flags Fiesta Texas


one word

Social Security number

If it needs to be abbreviated, use SSN.


South Central Texas region

South Texas

Southwest, southwestern

Capitalize southwest when used as part of a proper name or to designate a region. But in general, the preferred form is to lowercase compass points only when they describe a section of the state or city (per AP).

The storm system developed in the Southwest.
The scholarship is for students from southwestern Texas.
Southwest School of Art

Southwest Research Institute


Use one space, not two, at the end of every sentence. Use one space after a colon.

Spanish words

Italicize on first reference only, unless the word is in common usage for your publication’s audience. See also foreign words and phrases.


When there is more than one acceptable way to spell a word, refer to Merriam-Webster. The first word listed is the preferred spelling.

Spring Break


Startech, formerly known as SATAI, began in 1999. It is a technology commercialization center that assists researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs and other companies to turn their innovations into enterprises.


Spell out the names of the 50 states when they stand alone in text and when used in conjunction with the name of a city, county, town, village or military base. The names of eight states are never abbreviated: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah. (AP style change in May 2014)

When state abbreviations are needed for graphics, etc.:

  • AK
  • Ala. or AL
  • Ariz. or AZ
  • Ark. or AR
  • Calif. or CA
  • Colo. or CO
  • Conn. or CT
  • D.C. or DC
  • Del. or DE
  • Fla. or FL
  • Ga. or GA
  • HI
  • ID
  • Ill. or IL
  • Ind. or IN
  • IA
  • Kan. or KS
  • Ky. or KY
  • La. or LA
  • ME
  • Md. or MD
  • Mass. or MA
  • Mich. or MI
  • Minn. or MN
  • Miss. or MS
  • Mo. or MO
  • Mont. or MT
  • Neb. or NE
  • Nev. or NV
  • N.H. or NH
  • N.J. or NJ
  • N.M. or NM
  • N.Y. or NY
  • N.C. or NC
  • N.D. or ND
  • OH
  • Okla. or OK
  • Ore. or OR
  • Pa. or PA
  • R.I. or RI
  • S.C. or SC
  • S.D. or SD
  • Tenn. or TN
  • TX
  • UT
  • Vt. or VT
  • Va. or VA
  • Wash. or WA
  • W.Va. or WV
  • Wis. or WI
  • Wyo. or WY

NOTE: Texas normally is not added to city names in publications, however, because UTSA publications have an international audience, including the state is allowed.

Students from El Paso, Texas, can qualify for the scholarship.

Place a comma between the city and the state name and another comma after the state name, unless ending a sentence:

She was born in Nashville, Tennessee.
She graduated from a school in Texas.
She now lives in Austin, Texas, but is moving to Florida.

NOTE: For web copy, always spell out the name of the state.

street names

Commonly misspelled San Antonio roads are:

  • Jones Maltsberger Road
  • Binz-Engleman Road
  • Jackson-Keller Road
  • De Zavala Road

For guidance on whether the proper name is a street, road, avenue or other, refer to the most current edition of Mapsco.

syllabus, syllabuses

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