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Mentor Information

Thank you for your interest in the UTSA RISE program. After a long run at UTSA, the RISE program has come to an end. Undergraduate training positions continue in our MARC program and PhD positions in our new IMSD at UTSA program. Thank you!

MARC and RISE mentors are the foundation of our student training programs. We are looking for researchers who will provide our trainees with inspiration and encouragement as well as an excellent research experience. Mentors must be performing behavioral, biomedically- or chemically-oriented research and must submit a mentor application. Mentor application will be assessed by the Program Advisory Committee.


When you are seeking a mentor, you need to be aware of two things:

  1. Not all of these people have space in their labs to take a student, even if they are approved by MARC-U*STAR or RISE.
  2. PhD students will need to ascertain that the faculty member has means of supporting the day-to-day costs of the research. RISE provides money only for your personal financial support and travel; it does not pay for supplies.

To find a research mentor, check out the list of program approved mentors.
You may also talk to Dr. Taylor, who will give you additional information.
See hints on how to approach a researcher to be your mentor.


Please use the following links to apply to be a MARC/RISE mentor.

Mentoring Resources