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New trainees will not be admitted
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in Spring 2018




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Pre-MARC / Pre-RISE Program

Attention MARC/RISE Applicants
Are you a qualified applicant but there isn't a program position available?
You may be eligible to participate as a Pre-MARC or Pre-RISE student.


The Pre-MARC/Pre-RISE Program will give you a considerable head-start in developing yourself as a future doctoral student. Pre-MARC/Pre-RISE students take part in all MARC/RISE activities and, if they fulfill all program requirements, are guaranteed admission into the MARC or RISE program for Summer.

All Pre-MARC/Pre-RISE students are fully integrated into MARC/RISE activities and participate in the Spring MARC/RISE professional development series. They also receive mentoring and guidance from program faculty and staff. Pre-RISE students who are not currently in a laboratory will take part in lab rotations, identify a research mentor, and begin working in their lab on a voluntary basis.


To assure that your Pre-MARC/Pre-RISE participation is converted into full program acceptance, you will need to:

  1. Sign the program contract upon acceptance into the Pre-MARC/Pre-RISE Program
  2. Identify a research mentor and begin working in a lab on a voluntary basis if you are not already working in a lab
  3. Fully participate in the MARC/RISE activities as your schedule allows
    (if you have a class on Fridays from 12–2, please check if you can select an alternative section)
  4. Maintain a 3.4 GPA (MARC) or 3.2 (RISE) and earn no Cs in the semester prior to expected admission
  5. Confirm prior to program entry that your educational objectives still include earning a PhD in the Behavioral or Biomedical Sciences following undergraduate graduation
Finding a Lab

If you are not currently working in someone's lab, review the list of participating faculty and their interests to select a research mentor. See Volunteering in a Lab for the basics on approaching faculty members to seek a position in their lab. Discuss with Dr. Taylor which laboratories interest you and she will give you advice as well as additional suggestions.