RISE students have numerous opportunities to gain experience by presenting their research as posters and oral presentations. At most events they will first send in a mentor-approved abstract and then prepare their presentation. The program owns a wide format printer and will allow students to use the RISE/MARC Techlab to practice their presentations.


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All RISE students are funded to attend an annual conference to present their results. Usually, conferences involve staying at a hotel in a U.S. city and meeting with other researchers with similar research interests. Freshmen and undergraduate students go to ABRCMS or SACNAS as their first conference. Try to go to as many conferences as possible before you graduate; try to win travel awards from the conferences!

Regional Conferences

Frequently, there will be regional conferences in your field. Do all that you can do to get there! Usually these are shorter and not terribly costly to attend.

UTSA Conferences

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UTSA has several annual opportunities to present. The College of Sciences Research Conference takes place annually in the Fall and all MARC-U*STAR/RISE/WSRTP students are expected to present their work, if possible. Finally, the ABES Conference takes place in Spring.


The RISE program has several opportunities for student presentation. At the end of their first Summer, all freshman/sophomore RISE and new RISE and MARC-U*STAR undergraduate students who remained on the UTSA campus will make poster presentations in the Provost's Summer Research Presentations. The RISE Symposium, held in early Fall, includes oral and poster presentations by all active RISE and MARC-U*STAR students. Finally, in the semester that they graduate, all students make a final presentation of their work at the RISE/MARC Awards day.