RISE Undergraduate Activities

Thank you for your interest in the UTSA RISE Undergraduate program. After a long run at UTSA, the RISE Program has come to an end. The RISE Undergraduate program will end in March 2025, after serving its final cohort of undergraduates. Undergraduate training positions continue in our MARC program. Thank you!

Undergraduate level RISE students participate in diverse activities designed to assist them towards successful careers in the research sciences. In the process, they:

  • Develop the credentials and experience needed for doctoral program success
  • Build professional skills needed during graduate school and beyond
  • Learn about the various fields and career paths that they can pursue
  • Network with scientists from around the country and learn about opportunities

Laboratory Research

Of primary importance to the RISE programs is the hands-on laboratory research experience in a UTSA or UT Health San Antonio laboratory. Students work in the laboratory, preferably on their own research projects, the complexity of which depends on student level and experience. They are responsible for this project and progress from learning techniques to having intimate knowledge and understanding of the science and ideas underlying their work. In the process, they develop a relationship with a research mentor who will be instrumental in writing recommendation letter needed for graduate school admission or beyond. Students are integral members of the laboratory, participating in laboratory meetings and performing routine laboratory responsibilities as assigned by their mentor.

Program Sponsored Training Courses

See information about RISE Undergraduate Courses.

Technology Laboratory and Classroom (Tech Lab)

student in lab

RISE participants also take various classes, generally held in the RISE Communication Technology Laboratory and Classroom (Tech Lab). RISE, MARC, and other student and faculty researchers have free access to this laboratory, where they can work not only on their projects, but also in any schoolwork that they need to complete. We encourage students to use these facilities for study groups and to create and practice any presentations that they may have to give. By doing so, they also gain experience in the use of state-of-the-art presentation and instructional equipment.

RISE Seminar and Lunch with the Speaker

student lunch

Four times each semester, all RISE students attend a scientific seminar given by a role model scientist or scientist with a background in ground-breaking academic research, government research, or industry. Following the seminar, students meet for lunch with the seminar speaker, providing networking opportunities as well as a chance to interact with other RISE and MARC students.

National and Local Conferences

One of the more exciting activities in which our students participate is the attendance of national scientific conferences. Undergraduates first attend the the SACNAS or ABRCMS conferences. These two conferences focus on scientific development and feature poster and oral presentations, professional development activities, and advertisement of various graduate and summer program options by schools from throughout the country. Subsequently, undergraduates may choose to attend national professional scientific conferences with their mentors and lab mates. Students may also participate in various local or regional poster presentations.

student presenting poster
students at conference

Annual Symposium

The first UTSA RISE/MARC Research Symposium took place in Fall 2004 in the Loeffler room of the Biosciences Building. The success of this event has led program staff to make it an annual event, and even experiment with hosting a symposium each semester. During the symposia, RISE and MARC students give poster and oral presentations. They present research which they performed at UTSA, UT Health San Antonio, and various institutions around the country.

student presenting poster

Awards Celebrations

And finally...each Spring and Fall, we host an awards ceremony. Here we both honor our graduates and celebrate the end of the semester. Students from all levels participate and get to know one another while playing games and eating. Program staff and students celebrate our newest graduates.

student awards
student awards