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This handbook will be written to provide readers with diverse perspectives from industries and institutions worldwide regarding design, promotion, and implementation of impactful workplace education opportunities for employees. The text will be used as a reference for developing and improving global workplace education and will include detailed information such as foundational information, theoretical frameworks, current and emerging trends, technological updates, implementation strategies, and research methodologies. The handbook will provide a selection of information that will be beneficial for both established and new practitioners in the field. Moreover, it will provide a comprehensive tool that deeply examines the intricacies of global workplace learning.



The handbook will be organized into five sections, each one addressing a particular theme, and will be compiled and organized by two editors. In each section, there will be several chapters focusing on relevant topics in modern learning. By utilizing chapters and articles from a diverse group of current professionals, the handbook will contain information applicable to workplaces and learning environments across the globe. Below are the section titles:

  1. Change Management
  2. Project Management, Partnerships and Diverse Populations
  3. Culture and Language
  4. Engagement and Motivation
  5. Workplace Technology Learning Trends


Objectives for the Handbook:

The following is a list of some of the main objectives the handbook will address in the various sections:

  • Provide an accurate overview of global workplace learning topics.
  • Represent important trends in research of training and development.
  • Explore current theoretical frameworks influencing the design of workplace learning.
  • Discuss the socio-psychological aspects of designing professional development.
  • Present an overview of the major research paradigms dominating the field.
  • Demonstrate innovative techniques for increasing employee learning.
  • Present new and emerging research to expand employee learning and achievement.
  • Discover new ways to use technology to facilitate global workplace learning.
  • Provide guidelines for designing, implementing, and measuring successful organizational training and professional development internally.
  • Explore areas of need for future research in the field.



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