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Research Data Center


The Research Data Center is a raised floor data center and was opened in the summer of 2012. The main purpose of the room is to provide data center space for servers and storage equipment utilized by researchers at UTSA. The room consists of one outer staging area used for delivering and unpacking of equipment, one room to house a 180kW backup UPS, and an open area for colocation of research equipment. There is also one room that is secured in a caged off area and requires biometric readers to allow access. A final room is separated with a solid wall and also requires biometric readers to allow access.

All power, data cabling, etc. is ran overhead and cooling is delivered via the raised floor plenum.

We have a total of four computer room air conditioning units (CRACs) with one of them being redundant in the case of failure of another unit. Each CRAC unit provides 31 tons of cooling capacity.

An image of the interior of a data center.



Square footage:

  • The open and cage area total square footage is 1,632 sq. ft.
  • The closed room for CIAS is roughly 408 sq. ft


  • The outer staging area/work room is 384 sq. ft.
  • The UPS room is about 648 sq. ft.
  • The entire MS RDC is 3,558 sq. ft. 

If you would like additional information concerning data center services, please contact the Data Center director at  (210) 458-5555 or email the Tech Cafe at



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