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Assessment Tools


Associate Rubric to an Assignment - Learn to edit an assessment item and associate a rubric to an assessment item

Create Group Assignment - Learn to assign a specific assignment to a specific group

Create Assignment with Safe Assign Integrated - Learn to set up an assignment that includes Safe Assign integration

Download Assignments to Grade Offline - Learn to access as assignment to download, select submitted assignments, and download assignments

Interpret Safe Assignment Report - Learn to access Safe Assign report and interpret the report for evaluation


Add Existing Questions to a Test - Learn to find a question using search criteria and link a question to a test
Automatic Regrading a Test - Learn to list triggers for automatic regrading, and edit a test question
Build Pool of Test Questions in Blackboard Learn - Learn to build a pool of questions, set pool details, and add questions to a pool
Create Different Types of Questions in Blackboard - True/False Question | Multiple Answer Question | Multiple Choice Question Formula QuestionNumeric Question |Single Fill-in-the-Blank Question | Multiple Fill-in-the-Blank Question | Essay QuestionShort Answer Question |  Hot Spot Question | Jumbled Question | Matching Question | Ordering Question | Quiz Bowl Question | Likert Question
Create Random Block of Test Questions - Learn to create a random block of questions, add the random block questions to a test, edit the number of questions to display, and edit the points per question
Create Test in Blackboard Learn - Learn to create a test, add questions to a test, and make your test available (deploy test) to students
Create Test Question in Blackboard -
Export an Import Test or Survey - Learn to export a test and import a test into a different course
Negative Test Questions - Learn to enable negative points in test, and use negative points in test question
Read Survey Submissions - Learn to view the survey submissions and read the survey results
Set Test Options - Learn to add and deploy a test and set its options in a content area
Question Finder - Learn to add metadata to questions, and find questions to add to tests
Use Item Analysis - Learn to access and run item analysis, view test summary statistics, view question-level statistics, and edit a test question

Blackboard Learn Course Interface and Environment


Add a Tool Link - Learn how to add a tool link on Navigation Bar (left side) to enable the students to access it easily and directly

Course Banner - Learn how to add Course Banner to your Course Entry Point

Course to Course Navigation - Learn how to navigate using Global Menu and My Blackboard

Course Entry Point - Learn how to set and change your Course Entry Point

Course Environment - Learn about Edit Mode, Course Menu and Home Page

Course Menu (Navigation Bar) - Learn to create, hide, delete and reorder a new Content Area, and customize Course Menu style

Edit Your Course Home Page - Learn to edit modules arranged on your Home Page

Hide Old Courses from My Courses Module - Learn to hide courses from previous semester from your course list

Make Tools Available to Students - Learn to allow students to quickly access the tools in Blackboard Learn by linking them in Course Menu
(Navigation Bar)

Select a Theme - This video clip shows how to change the Theme for the course

Turning Tool Availability On and Off - Learn to control the access to Tool Availability, make tools available and unavailable

Blackboard Learn and Mobile Devices

Blackboard Mobile for Android

Blackboard Mobile Learn for iPad

Blackboard Mobile Learn for iPhone

Mobile Device and Blackboard Learn: Check out resources on Mobile Devices Demos for Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad 


Blackboard Learn and Publisher Content




Cengage Learning Building Block: Faculty Training Tutorial - Learn to make a link to Cengage course materials within your Blackboard Learn Course




McGraw-Hill Building Block: Faculty Training Tutorial  - Learn to make a link to McGraw-Hill course materials within your Blackboard Learn Course




Pearson's MyLab/Mastering Building Block: Faculty Training Tutorial - Learn to make a link to Pearson course materials within your Blackboard Learn Course


Pearson's Integration Video - Learn to integrate Pearson's course material into Blackboard Learn Course




Integrate Blackboard and WileyPLUS


Collaboration Tools - Blogs, Discussion Board, Journals and Wikis


Create a Blog - Learn to create a Blog

Create and Edit a Blog Entry - Learn to create a Blog, add an image in a Blog, and comment on Blog entries

Grade a Blog Entry - Learn to grade a Blog Entry by a student


Create Discussion Board FORUM - Learn to access Discussion Board, create a FORUM and select its settings and reorder FORUMS

Create a Discussion Thread - Learn to set up Discussion FORUM and enable to create a Discussion Thread and attach a file to the thread

Discussion Board FORUM Settings - Learn the different settings of Discussion Board FORUMGrade Discussion Board FORUM Posts - Learn how to grade student participation in Discussion Board FORUMs

Grade Discussion Board Threads Posts - Learn to Grades Discussion Board Thread posts

Manage Discussion Board Roles - Learn how to manage a FORUM, select appropriate roles and assign roles to FORUM users

Moderate a Discussion Board FORUM - Learn to access a FORUM's Moderation Queue, return a post and publsih a post

Print Discussion Board Posts - Learn how to collect and print Discussion Board Posts 

Rate a Discussion Board Posts - Learn to enable rating a post and rate a post

Reply to a Discussion Thread - Learn how to reply to a Discussion Thread

Searching and Collecting Discussion Board Posts - Learn to search for a specific post and collect posts

Create a Journal - Learn how to create a Journal
Create and Comment on Journal Entries - Learn how to create and comment on Journal Entries
Grade Journal Entries - Learn to grade Journal Entries by students

Create a WIKI - Learn how to create and edit WIKI pages

Create and Manage WIKIS - Learn to create a WIKI, set options and grade student contributions

Communication Tools - Announcements, Course Messages and Email


Create an Announcement - Learn to create an Announcement, set options and reorder Announcements

Send Course Message - Learn to access Course Messages, send and view Course Messages

Send Email - Learn to send an email and set email details

Course Content

Add Content Areas in Blackboard Learn - Learn to create a content area, create an item in content area and select options for the item

Add Content in Content/Text Editor Box - Learn to paste text and tables, insert an image, link and format text in content editor box

Add Files to Course Files - Learn to upload a single file using browse function, and multiple files by using drag and drop function

Add Learning Module with Content - Learn to create a learning module, add a file and set options, and organize table of contents

Add NBC content to Blackboard Learn  - Learn to add NBC Module to home page and add specific NBC news archive video to a content area

Add URL to a Course Content Area - Learn to add an URL to a course area and enter the web address for the link

Create a Mashup - Learn to add a Mashup to an existing content area, search for outside content and add it to the Content AreaUpload a Zipped File - Learn to upload a zipped file into Blackboard Learn course files area

Upload Videos to Helix Media Library and Link Video from Helix Media Library in Blackboard Learn content area

Use Content Editor - Learn to paste text and tables, insert images, links and format text  in Content Editor box

Grading and Grade Center

Anonymous and Delegated Grading - Learn how to enable anonymous grading for a specific assignment, and delegate grading responsibilities to another person (TA or instructor)

Color Code the Grade Center - Learn to enable color coding in the Grade Center and set color coding options

Create a Calculated Column in Grade Center - Learn to create a calculated column - Total, Weighted and Average column

Create Categories in Blackboard Grade Center - Learn to create categories, assign items in Grade Center to a category, and assign weights to each category

Create Grading Notes - Learn to create Grading Notes for instructors

Create Smart View in Grade Center - Learn to create a Smart View, set a Smart View options, and add a favorite Smart View to the Control Panel

Create Weighted Column in Grade Center - Learn to create a Weighted Column that calculates grades based on weights assigned to each item/categories

Customize the Grade Center - Learn to hide a Grade Center column, access the Manage > Column Organization page, show hidden Grade Center column, and reorder Grade Center columns

Grade Center Details - Learn to select a grade and view the Grade Center details

Grade Question by Question - Learn to select a question and grade responses by all students for that particular question

Grading with Rubrics - Learn to view a rubric and grade an assignment using a rubric

Inline Grading - Learn to grade items within Blackboard Learn environment by provide comments and feedback directly on the student submission

Item Analysis -

Organize Grade Center Items in Blackboard Learn - Learn to freeze, hide and reorder Grade Center Columns

Use Grade Details to See Attempts and Assign Grades - Learn to view a Grade Details and see Grade History

Work Offline with Grade Center - Learn to set download grade options, download grades, upload the new grades file and select grades to change

Integration with Respondus and Softchalk


Publish Respondus File to Blackboard Learn - Learn to publish a Respondus File to Blackboard Learn


Create a Publishing Account from SoftChalk to Blackboard Learn - Learn to create an account to publish Softchalk to Blackboard Learn

Upload a SoftChalk Create Lesson into Blackboard Learn  - Learn to upload a SoftChalk Lesson in Blackboard Learn content area as a non-scored lesson

Upload a SoftChalk Create Lesson as a Scored Lesson into Blackboard Learn - Learn to upload a Softchalk lesson into Blackboard Learn content area that will record score in Grade Center

Managing/Migrating Content





Synchronous Collaboration Tools




Utility Tools in Blackboard Learn - Achievements, Adaptive Release, Calendar, Groups, Item Analysis, Notifications, Rubrics, Student Preview and Tasks

Achievements -
Adaptive Release Rule - Learn to create Adaptive Release Rule, set membership criteria and grade criteria
Blackboard Learn Calendar Tool - Learn the basics of Blackboard Calendar tool and how to manage items on a Calendar
Create Course Task in Blackboard Learn - Learn to create a course Task, enter Task description and set Task options
Create Rubric in Blackboard Learn - Learn to create a new Rubric and edit the Rubric grid
Enroll Users - Learn to add Course Builder, Grader, Teaching Assistant, or give fellow instructors access to your course
Groups Management - Learn to manage Groups in Blackboard Learn
Notification Options - Learn to view current Notification settings and change Notification options
Student Preview - Learn how to enter Student Preview mode, exit Student Preview mode and delete Student Preview User account

What’s New and Known issues in Blackboard Learn




Anonymous and Delegated Grading 

Grade anonymously and assign grading responsonsibilities to other assistants, TAs, or reviewers in large courses.

Assessments Significant Figures

In calculated formula test questions, instructors can define the number of significant figures required in the automatic generation of answer sets and in the automated grading process. In the past, instructors could specify only the number of decimal places

Course Message Notifications

Knowing what needs attention and/or needs to get done is essential for saving time and keeping educators and learners aware of what is most important. Notification Dashboards and My Blackboard keep them informed as to what is current and any alerts they should be aware of.

Grade Center Improvement

Now you can control the presentation of scores – by last activity, due date or Grade Center alignment. Other improvements make this view easy on the eyes and easy to comprehend including:

  • New “Order By” option in the top-right
  • The “All,” “Graded,” “Upcoming,” and “Submitted” filters allow the student to narrow down the number of rows they see
  • The text size and row spacing have been reduced, resulting in more information being displayed on the page at once
  • Feedback is included right in-line, so the student doesn’t need to click on anything to view it – it just shows up on the page

Groups Management Building Block

Group experiences are critical for fostering a more personal and engaging student experience in courses and organizations.  Whether you have a large number of groups with many students or just a few small groups, creating and managing those groups in Blackboard Learn is easier than ever.

Improved SafeAssign

The SafeAssign service to deeply integrate with native Blackboard Learn assignments and inline grading, bringing plagiarism prevention into core
instructor and student workflows. Instead of being a separate content type, SafeAssign is now simply a checkbox on any assignment. SafeAssign also handles multiple attempts and attachments, drafts, and group submissions.

Inline Assignment Grading Updates

A full screen view, allowing you to slide the sidebar out of the way and maximize the converted document, so you'll have plenty of room for commenting and annotating. New assignment grading sidebar design added to all the other tools where inline grading is supported (Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and Discussion Boards). This creates a more consistent and user-friendly grading experience.

Student Preview

With the student preview feature, instructors can see their courses and interact with them exactly how students do. An instructor is allowed to easily transition into and out of a system-managed preview account that is automatically enrolled in the course as a student.


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