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The Video Production Group can assist faculty and students in producing high quality video segments. From documentaries to interviews and testimonials, our award winning staff can help you develop your idea and work with you from concept to completion. For more information of

the video production process including phases and timelines please click here.



Online and Hybrid Course Introduction Videos

An introduction video is an easy and effective way to communicate with students as the semester begins. In a brief video, important information on books, class content, assignment and grading can be clearly communicated. The video also allows faculty to share personal insight in regards to their experience with the material being presented.      

To request assistance in producing an introduction video, please visit the OITConnect Portal. Once your request is received, a member of the Video Production Group will contact you and schedule a time to shoot your video.


More on Producing Introduction Videos

The best practice for creating an effective introduction video is to create a word document of what needs to be communicated. The document can be repurposed for use with a teleprompter. A teleprompter is a helpful tool that allows a presenter to read what they want to say off a glass screen that is placed in front of the camera lens. 

Another tool that can be used to design a dynamic introduction video is PowerPoint. Using images in a video is an effective way to illustrate key points, and PowerPoint can be used to storyboard images or map them to the presenter's audio.  





For support in creating a video, please contact OITConnect  through the self-service portal, phone, or email.



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