New Features and Upgrades

Blackboard Cumulative Update 3 for Learn 9.1, Q4 2016

Release (Build: 3100.0.3-rel.51+917ccd3)

May 27-28th, 2017 - Cumulative Update 3 for Learn 9.1, Q4 2016 resolves the following issues.

  • Weighted Grade of Offline Gradebook is Incorrect and does not Match Grade Center.
  • Rubric Evaluation Report Gives Access Denied Message for Assessment Questions.
  • Unable To Resize Embedded YouTube Videos Using Insert Embedded Media VTBE Option.
  • HTML Files Referencing Permanent urls Changed when Saved.
  • HotSpot Selection does not Reflect Actual Coordinates when Using Zoom in Chrome.
  • Test Availability Exceptions can Remove Test Availability Settings.
  • Course Activity Overview Report is Displaying no Activity Data in spite of there being Plenty of Activity in the Course.
  • Failed to Submit Assignment Message Occurs When Trying to Assign Delegated Graders.
  • Earned Achievements do not Display Under Student Tools Page as Expected.
  • Course TOC Items do not Stick when Reordering.
  • Column Organization not Being Applied to Grade Center.
  • Announcements Query Slow
  • Retention Center queries to generate MyBlackboard activity counts too expensive and frequent
  • Deleted Group Leaves Orphaned Group Attempts that Breaks Needs Grading
  • Disabled User from Course Receives Email Notification from Subscribed Threads in Discussion Boards After Applying Patch
  • Accessing Grade Center Throws Content Management System and Crocodoc Errors
  • Cannot View Youtube Mashup Videos in Full Screen
  • English US Dictionary: Obscenity is Being Suggested as a Spelling Correction
  • Student Activity not Updated in Retention Center
  • Full Screen use of the Visual Text Box Editor Breaks the Submit Next and Cancel Buttons
  • Attempt Marked as not Ignored Displayed Instead of Attempt Submitted in Grade History
  • Unavailable Students do not Display in Attempts Statistics
  • Auto-Submit Intermittently Does Not Submit Timed Test
  • Last access date does not always pair with any user activity
  • Last Access Date Incorrect in Grade Center and Performance Dashboard
  • Unavailable Students do not Display in Attempts Statistics
  • Students Cannot Submit Calendar Events Within Courses
  • Not all grade center columns that get "Set to External Grade" result in Learner getting grades data in My Blackboard > My Grades dropdown even while clicking "all Courses" enrolled in
  • Daily Notification Emails Received too late


Blackboard Learn Q4 2016 Release​​​

​Blackboard Learn features have been enhanced with the most recent upgrade, which was completed on December 27,2016.  The upgrade includes technology changes, improved features and new features in Blackboard Learn.​ 

Download the documentation of Blackboard Q4 2016 Upgrade New Features.

​Technology Chan​ges

Virtual Classroom and Chat Tools ​

Virtual Classroom and Chat course tools will no longer be available.

Improved Features

Submission Confirmation Receipts

Instructors can keep track of all student submissions, regardless of whether the attempt or assignment is deleted or the submission history is changed. A submission receipt is captured at the time of submission and includes information such as attached file information, date, time, etc. This feature provides evidence for academic disputes, giving students assurance about their work.

A receipt is generated for each group member when a student submits on behalf of the group, and the anonymous state of an assignment is respected. For assignments with multiple attempts, students receive a different number for each submission.

Grade Center Receipt Example

​On the Submission Receipts page, you can view information for each assignment, such as who submitted and when. Group assignments are also logged and the Submitter column lists who submitted for the group. In the Submission column, view if a student submitted a file or wrote the submission in the assignment's editor.

Use the menus at the top of the page to filter the items. In the second menu, select Not blank and leave the search box empty to show all of the submission receipts. Select a column heading to sort the items.

Email Reminders

Instructors can send email reminders from Grade Center columns to students and members of groups who have missing coursework. Students receive a system-generated email that lists the course, coursework, and the due date if included.  Instructors can also send reminders for assignments with anonymous or delegated grading enabled. To protect anonymity, students' names and attempt statuses aren't revealed.

Send Reminder Example

Fewer "Needs Grading Items"

When multiple-attempt assessments are set to calculate using the first or last attempt, there are potentially numerous other attempts that will never be used for the grade calculation. This can be particularly problematic in anonymous or delegated grading scenarios where it can be difficult to determine which attempts are associated with students and therefore require grading.

A new filter is now available both in the Needs Grading workflow as well as within the Grade Center to show or hide these attempts. Attempts that won't calculate towards the assessment grade are now indicated with an icon no_calculation_icon.jpg

Improved behavior for Self and Peer Assessments

Non-participants during the submission period are excluded from the evaluation process. Submitters with partial or complete submissions will be distributed to peers for evaluations. By pairing an assessment with Adaptive Release, it's possible to configure Self- and Peer-Assessments for individual groups.

New Features

New VALUE Rubric available with 16 rubrics

Note: contact for more information on how to import rubrics to you course)

As part of AAC&U's Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP) initiative, the VALUE rubrics contribute to the national dialogue on assessment of college student learning. Each rubric was developed from the most frequently identified characteristics or criteria of learning for each of the 16 learning outcomes. Each rubric has been built and formatted appropriately and is ready to be imported to your courses and used anywhere you can align and evaluate with rubrics today. For more information on the VALUE rubrics, visit the AACU site at

Bb Learn 2016 theme for improved responsiveness

This release includes a new theme that provides a more modern look and feel. Most importantly, the Bb Learn 2016 theme significantly increases the responsiveness of the interface for small devices. The theme also incorporates elements from the new Blackboard design language including color, fonts, and spacing, for greater consistency between Blackboard Learn, Collaborate Ultra, and the Bb Student app. In order to focus on improving the mobile experience, the Learn 2016 theme doesn't support many brand configuration settings.  Please see Learn 2016 Theme for more information.

New Icon Set available for items in Blackboard Learn

There is a new icon set for use in courses and organizations, and cancel/submit buttons will always pin to the bottom of the page regardless of device.


Drag and Drop files

When instructors create content items, assignments, and web links, they can drag files from their computers to the "hot spot" in the Attach Files area. Students can also drag files to upload when they submit assignments.


URL Adder

The URL Adder allows webpages and websites to be added in SafeAssign Originality Reports and submission Analysis.


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