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Semester Start Updates

Blackboard Learn - Spring 2017

Here are a few reminders that will help you get started with the Blackboard Learn courses and ensure a smooth transition to a New Semester.

Blackboard Upgrade

Blackboard Learn features have been enhanced with the most recent upgrade, which was completed on December 27, 2016.  The upgrade includes technology changes, improved features and new features in Blackboard Learn .

Some users may still see a cached version of a page in Blackboard or may experience browser issues. A list of identified difficulties and available workaround instructions is available in the Known Issues in Blackboard

Examples of Blackboard Issues include:

  • Drag and Drop action in the course menu and content area
  • Background color and course themes
  • Browser Issues

Instructor access

Instructor access to Blackboard Learn courses is controlled through Banner. Each section assignment is made by the academic department's Banner Coordinator. Please contact your department's Banner Coordinator to confirm that the section in question has the correct Instructor of Record assigned in Banner.


  • If a section is assigned to "Staff" in Banner that section would not have an instructor in Blackboard Learn even though students may be enrolled in the course.
  • If a section's Instructor of Record is reassigned in Banner after the Blackboard Learn course shell is created, the previous instructor will no longer have access to the section.
  • If the previous instructor already added content to that section, he or she must contact to have the content moved.
  • If course reassignment is a possibility, please export your course in the event the new instructor deletes content you added; contact for assistance with exporting your course.

Teaching Assistant access

Teaching Assistants assigned to a course in Banner will have  Instructor  privileges in Blackboard Learn.  If for some reason you do not want your Teaching Assistant to have access to your course please communicate this with your department Banner coordinator to remove the Teaching Assistants name in Banner, and enroll manually in Blackboard Learn and assign them Teaching Assistant role. 

Request for Course to be Extended for Incomplete Students

To request access to a course from previous semester for a student with an INCOMPLETE, the instructor must submit  Request for Course to be Extended for Incomplete students  Form.

Automatic Course Shell Creation

All course sections in Banner have corresponding course shells created automatically in Blackboard Learn. Banner also processes student enrollments, including adds/drops, automatically.

Google has announced that the webcam capture feature will not be available in Youtube.

Cross-listed courses

Cross-listed courses are those in which two or more classes meet together, in the same room, at the same time with the same instructor. Usually this occurs when two departments each offer a course with similar requirements and objectives, but want to keep the enrollments and catalog listings separate.  All courses that are cross-listed in Banner will automatically be combined in Blackboard Learn. The Course ID will have XLS in it.

Example of a cross-listed course: MOT 6203.001 and IS 6813.001

Browser Checker 

A Browser Checker web link is now incorporated in the top navigation frame inside Blackboard Learn as shown below:

browser checker.png 


For Browser issues, please visit Known Issues in Blackboard .


Course design recommendations

Instructions for all Quizzes/Tests/Exams in Blackboard Learn

lf you require students to take Quizzes/Tests/Exams in Blackboard Learn, it is recommended to add the following statement in the instructions area:

'You need to make sure that you have a  strong internet connection . A  wired connection  is usually more reliable than a wireless connection'.

Blackboard Learn Calendar 

Spring 2017

Monday , January 9, 2017 First day for students to access their Spring 2017 courses in Blackboard
Tuesday, May 23 , 201 7 Last day for students to access their  Spring 2017 courses in Blackboard


If you have any questions or you need assistance with Blackboard Learn, please drop by the Office of Online Learning at MS 1.03.08, send an email to ,  or call 458-5555.


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