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The Medial Library (formerly Helix Media Library) is a service provided by Learning Technologies for the management and delivery of UTSA media content. Key features include:


  • Automatic Encoding: Upload any media file for automatic conversion to H.264 and other formats.
  • Universal Streaming: Deliver to iPhone, Android, tablet, PC, Mac, Smart TV and more with multi-format, multi-protocol, standards-based streaming.
  • Closed-Captioning: Use closed-captions to help you comply with Section 508 and delivery content to more people.
  • Improved Search: Easily find what you’re looking for with an improved search capability.
  • Embeddable Chapter Points: Share relevant portions of a longer video by embedding just a unique chapter for playback.
  • LMS Integration: Easily integrate with Blackboard Learn by linking or embedding media.

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The following video playlist demonstrates the use of the Blackboard Building Block from both an Instructor and a Student perspective.​      



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