Backup and Recovery


Servers managed by OIT are backed up Monday through Saturday and are maintained for 2 weeks.  Backups of Banner databases are backed up Monday through Sunday and are maintained for 60 days.  In addition to that, we also make a copy of Banner backups each week and hold it off-site for six months.


SharePoint Online and OneDrive Backups

By default, SharePoint Online and OneDrive save multiple, unlimited copies of files as you make changes to them.  If you inadvertently corrupt a document or make changes to it that need to be restored, you can recover and older version of the file.  Directions on how to do so are found here:


View, Restore, or Delete a Previous Version of a File or Item


SharePoint Online and OneDrive also maintain a "recycle bin" where deleted files go before permanently being deleted.  Deleted items are held in the recycle bin for 90 days before they are permanently deleted.  Directions on recovering from the recycle bin can be found here:


Restore items in the Recycle Bin of a SharePoint Site



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