Server and Data Center Management

Servers are used to host computer applications and to save critical data. The Office of Information Technology can help you set up and manage your departmental server.


We can provide assistance with:

Consultation on Server Design - If you are configuring a new server for your department, contact us for help on designing an efficient server setup.

Server Management Agreements - If you need OIT to manage your server, contact us for help in setting up a server management agreement.

Mass Storage - OIT can help you with setting up centralized storage for your department's data.

To request assistance with server management issues, please contact OITConnect.

Self-provisioning- We maintain and manage the self-provisioning mechanisims that can be used by faculty and staff for creating virtual servers. Please visit our server virtualization page for more information.


Information about I: Drive

The UTSA I: Drive is a central location on the UTSA network that allows faculty and staff members to store business-related documents within their own department under what is known as the "common" drive. Each user has their own individual folder as well that is only accessible by that user. Please click here for more information.


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