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Telephone Install


OIT provides and supports the voice services for all Faculty and Staff on all UTSA’s campuses. Support consists of design, installation and repair of telephone equipment, dial-tone, incoming and outgoing calls, voicemail and more.


Submit a Work Request

To submit a work request or replace or upgrade a phone, please submit an OITConnect ticket using the OITConnect Self-Service Portal.

NOTE: To use the portal, please sign in with your myUTSA ID and passphrase.



One-Time Service Charges

Data port activation fee: $100.00
Drop a voice or data line: ​request estimate
Disconnect a voice or data line: ​no charge
Phones (several choices): ​see below for phone types

Additional Information

Order a Headset

Types of Phones

Phone Labels (for 6400 series phones)





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