Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging is UTSA’s new voicemail system that enables users to access voice messaging and email messaging from multiple devices.    The Office of Information Technology is currently working on a gradual implementation of this new voicemail system across the UTSA campuses.   As the older Cisco Unity voicemail system will not integrate with our newer system (example:  A voicemail on the older system cannot be forwarded to the newer system and vice-versa), OIT is implementing the new Unified Messaging system on a department level basis.   Please click on the informational links below for more details on Unified Messaging capabilities and features.  For more information, please contact OITConnect .

 NOTE: Users will not be able to receive University Broadcast messages.



Features for UTSA faculty and staff include:

  • Outlook Voice Access (OVA): Users can call their inbox to access voicemail, email, calendar and contacts.
  • Voicemail Preview: Uses speech-to-text to take a voicemail and put a preview in your inbox.
  • Play on Phone: Allows users to play their voicemails on a phone, rather than through their computer speakers.

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