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 Advanced Users: Things to Check Periodically




Ensure your computer is reporting to InSight and is compliant
Ensure antivirus software is up-to-date (e.g., System Center Endpoint Protections (SCEP))
    Check InSight or SCEP - opens via the Start button
    • Ensure 'Real-time protection:' is "On"
    • Ensure 'Virus and spyware definitions:' are "Up to date"

Ensure your computer has the latest Operating System updates
  • Check InSight or open Control Panel | Programs and Features | View Installed Updates
    • Ensure there are updates within the last month, especially in the Microsoft Windows section

Ensure Microsoft System Center is installed
  • If it is reporting to InSight, it is - otherwise go to Start | All Programs
    • Ensure Microsoft System Center 2012 folder exists

Ensure CrashPlan Pro is installed

Check InSight to ensure your computer is encrypted, or
Check your computer to see if encryption is enabled:

  • BitLocker – (Windows) Control Panel | BitLocker Drive Encryption | Hard Disk Drives
  • FileVault II (Mac OSX 10.7+) System Preferences |Security and Privacy | FileVault Tab

Contact the Office of Information Security for more options.

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