Data encryption is a process of securing computer files by instituting safeguards that make the files unreadable to everyone except for the holder of the encryption key. Data encryption is required on all university-owned laptops and certain desktops.



Encryption System Requirements and Software Solutions


Windows BitLocker
Linux Must have self-encrypting hard drive or use native full disk encryption.Contact OITConnect for more info.
Mac OS X  FileVault 2 for OS X 10.7+. Contact OITConnect otherwise.












Encryption of UTSA Owned Devices

Desktop Computers.

  • All desktop computers purchased after September 1, 2013 must be Password protected and encrypted using methods approved by the Institution’s Information Security Officer before their deployment. 

Laptop Computers and Other Mobile Devices. 

  • All laptop computers and other mobile devices, including but not limited to mobile and smart phones, and tablet computers that are owned, leased, or controlled by the University, must be encrypted using methods approved by the Institution’s Information Security Officer.
  • USB thumb drives and similar removable storage devices owned, leased, or controlled by the University must be encrypted before storage of any Confidential University Data on the device.


Personally Owned Devices

All personally owned computers,mobile devices, USB thumb drives, or similar devices must be password protected and encrypted using methods approved by the Institution's Information Security Officer if they contain any of the following types of University Data:

  • Federal, State, University, or privately sponsored Research that requires confidentiality or is deemed sensitive by the funding entity; orany other Information that has been deemed by the U. T. System or a U. T. System Institution as essential to the mission or operations of System to the extent that its Integrity and security should be maintained at all times.


UTSA Approved Encryption Tools

There are various data encryption software applications available. The Office of Information Technology supports a variety of software applications for laptop encryption, including BitLocker and File Vault 2.

To have encryption software installed on a UTSA-owned laptop, submit your request through OITConnect.


More Information

UTS165, Standard 11 (Safeguarding Data)

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