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A classroom Student Response System (SRS) is a technology that enables instructors to ask questions, gather student responses, display those responses in real-time, even grade them if necessary. A SRS allows instructors to verify student comprehension of course materials at any time during a class or lecture. Students use their own mobile device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) or i>clicker remote to submit their response.



A Classroom Response System helps:

  • Gauge prior student knowledge before covering new material
  • Increase student engagement in the classroom 
  • Promote active learning
  • Encourage student discussion
  • Enhance student learning experience
  • Evaluate effectiveness of teaching




Getting Started: Instructors

To see a list of classrooms where Learning Technologies has installed a base station to work with iClicker Cloud click here. Please contact OIT Connect prior to use of iClicker Cloud, if your classroom is not on the list.

NOTE: The iClicker cloud app will be a permanent application installed on the desktop of all UTSA general classroom lectern computers.



Getting Started: Students

iClicker Cloud accounts are free and work with borg iClicker remotes and the iClicker digital app. Students, can visit the UTSA bookstore for current combo pricing of an iClicker remote and the iClickerReef 

NOTE: Students using hand-held remote devices will not be able to participate in target questions.


How to Create Free Reef Account & Register iClicker Remote

iClicker Utilization Standards for Remote Devices




iClicker purchase Options:

  1. Rowdy Campus Store- options include: New /Used /Rent /Combos
  2. Online through iClicker: https://www.iclicker.com/pricing#remote-prices
  3. UTSA Library- check availability on checking out an iClicker (limited amount supplied)



HR Training and Support

Effectively integrate this technology into your course: Please visit HR training for a list of I>clicker workshops

For additional assistance with iClicker Cloud or with Blackboard integration, contact OIT Connect.


Best Practices



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