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Adobe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What software and services are included in the Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise ID license?

How do I download Adobe Creative Cloud?

Download Creative Cloud Log in to ASAP and click on Software Downloads to download Creative Cloud to your computer. Full instructions for Windows and Mac are available.


What are the system requirements for the Adobe Creative Cloud applications?

The system requirements vary depending on the application. Full system requirements are located here:


How can I tell if my Windows operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit?

It varies depending on your Windows version. Full instructions are located here:


I have my own Adobe membership. Can I cancel it without penalty and take advantage of the UTSA offer?

1.Yes. Our Campus Agreement license is called “Creative Cloud for Enterprise” and a personal membership is not required to access the Creative Cloud products in our agreement.

2. Activate your new Adobe UTSA account.

3. Review and follow the steps to manually transfer your assets. Do this before you cancel your personal membership.

4.Contact Adobe Support. Be certain to tell the support agent that you are a student (or employee) at UTSA and that you are provided Adobe Creative Cloud for Enterprise by UTSA.

a. For memberships paid monthly, request that Adobe waive the cancellation penalty.
b. Unfortunately, prepaid memberships are not eligible for a refund.
c. However, if you recently purchased or renewed your personal membership, and you contact them within the first 14 days after payment, they should refund the amount paid.

5.If you have any difficulty, please forward your questions and concerns to the Tech Cafe.


What is an Adobe Enterprise ID?

An Adobe Enterprise ID is associated with your UTSA email address. You will use your email address at the Adobe Sign in page which then will redirect you to a UTSA sign in page where you will sign in with your UTSA network ID (abc123) and your network passphrase.


How do I get started using my Adobe Enterprise ID?

Contact the Tech Cafe, by phone (210) 458-5555, or email You can also consult the Adobe Creative User Guide for Window or Mac computers.


How many computers can I use with my Adobe Enterprise ID?

You may be signed into your Adobe Enterprise ID on up to two computers at a time.


Is my Adobe Enterprise account the same as the account I use for my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription?

If you have purchased a Creative Cloud subscription using your UTSA email address, you will be prompted to select either Adobe ID (your personal license) or Enterprise ID (UTSA license). Your cloud storage is not connected between your Adobe ID and Enterprise ID.


Who is eligible to be included in the Adobe Enterprise ID license?

In order to be eligible, you must be a registered student or a university employee designated as staff or faculty.


What are my options if I do not qualify for an Adobe Enterprise ID through the university?

All faculty, staff, and students can use Adobe applications on university-owned computers.

(Not all university owned computers will have the device license installed on them. Only computers that are in labs or classrooms will have the shared device license).

 All UTS owned labs and classrooms have this software installed. To have software installed in a departmental lab or classroom, please contact your ITA or open a ticket with the Tech Cafe.


Can I merge my personal Adobe ID with my Enterprise ID?

No, it is not possible to merge the two accounts. You can move items saved in your Adobe personal account and libraries to the Enterprise account by downloading them to your local computer and then once signed with your Enterprise ID, syncing them to the new account.


What happens to my Adobe Enterprise ID when I leave the university?

After you separate from the university, your account will be removed, and access to the software will end. It is suggested all assets be saved for future use. After separation, the product can be purchased at a discounted price for 12 months.


Can I use my Adobe Creative Cloud Software while I am offline or have no internet connection?

An internet connection is required for authentication. Once you have signed in, you will be able to continue working offline. Certain features or services may not be available while the application is offline.


Saving your data and files:

The only approved location for Category I data is the I: Drive. If your files data includes Category I HIPAA or FERPA data, it must be saved to the I: Drive.


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