State of The University Address

October 09, 2015



The State of the University Address was given by President Ricardo Romo on October 6 at the HEB University Center Ballroom at the University of Texas at San Antonio's Main Campus.  Romo was introduced by Llleana Gonzalez, President of Student Organizations and was joined by District 8 City Councilman Ron Nirenberg.

President Romo was proud to announce that the University received gifts and pledges of $180 million dollars in its inaugural capital campaign. The University launched a campaign to raise funds and exceeded its goal by more than $60 million. The fund raising campaign was launched in 2009 and the initial goal was $120 million to support student scholarships, faculty and research initiatives, campus activities and community outreach programs. In early 2013, the university surpassed that goal and with two years left in the campaign, set and exceeded a new goal of $175 million.

 The Fund Raising Campaign Impact was instrumental in increasing funds in the following areas:

 Student Scholarships and Fellowships- UTSA raised more than $62 million for student support and created hundreds of undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships.

Faculty Research, Recruitment and Support- UTSA faculty recruitment and retention of new faculty members from Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, and Northwestern University. Faculty play an important role in ensuring that excellence, creativity, and innovation are nurtured among UTSA students.

 Serving Society- Programs and infrastructures received $19 million to advance the university's community engagement initiatives including its research centers and institutes.

Creating Enriching Experiences-Student life, facilities and equipment were given a $50 million donation to enrich research experiences. A $1.2 million gift from the Robert J. Kleberg Jr. and Helen C. Kleberg Foundation allowed UTSA to purchase one of the world's most powerful microscopes. Dubbed "Helenita," the transmission electron microscope is available to researchers around the globe and allows nanotechnology researchers to see samples magnified 20 million times their original size. It is enabling impactful research in nanotechnology, biology, chemistry, geology, engineering and medicine.

Recipients who received a part of the 180 million dollar fund raising initiative were:

• Student scholarships and fellowships: $62.6 million

• Faculty support: $43.8 million

• Research centers and institutes: $19.1 million

• Student life and facilities: $50.1 million

• Presidential priorities: $4.5 million

• Pre-campaign endowment market value: $57,116,011

• Post-campaign endowment market value: $122,893,897, up 115%

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