Three Cybersecurity Misconceptions

October 16, 2015



With all this talk about what you should do to stay secure online, we thought we'd take the time to address a few misconceptions that some people might have about cybersecurity. Below are three of the most popular misconceptions we at OIT have heard over the years.

"My anti-virus will protect me from all issues! I can go to any site and be fine!"

While your anti-virus software will increase your security, you still run the risk of your machine catching a virus if you go to a shady or disreputable site. Anti-virus protection is good, but you still need to think twice before visiting certain websites!

"I use ________ operating system / computer / device, so I can't get a virus."

This is becoming less and less true as technology becomes more widespread. While some operating systems and devices do not have an abundance of viruses or malware available, your machine can still become infected if you visit the wrong website or download the wrong attachment. Regardless of your machine, keep an eye out for suspicious sites or emails.

"Hackers aren't interested in me. / Viruses happen to other people."

Everyone runs the risk of their machine being infected. In fact, hackers often look for people who seem complacent and disinterested in their cybersecurity. Those who do not use an anti-virus, complex password, and download everything and anything they find, are considered easy targets. If you have information, you are a potential risk.

Never assume that your machines are 100% safe and secure. Always stay vigilant and alert when utilizing the Internet to protect your valuable data!

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