2016 Spring Faculty Session: February 17

{February} {04}, {2016}

by Dalinda Milne at 1:30 PM in Campus CommunityEventsProjects


The Distance Learning team, along with Academic Affairs, will be presenting a session titled “Finding Your Voice: How to Write an Engaging Script,” at the next 2016 Spring Faculty Session on February 17 from 11:00 – 11:45 a.m. in the FIT Lab (MS 1.03.14).

Nancy Hall, Lecturer II, Claudia Arcolin, Instructional Designer, and Vanessa Garza, Instructional Development Specialist, will discuss how faculty can create more engaging scripts for their course videos. A good idea can become even better with the right details.

To register for the session, please visit the UTSA  myTraining page:  http://mytraining.utsa.edu/flexapps/classroom/index.html#

For more information about other Faculty Sessions: https://utsacloud-public.sharepoint.com/faculty-sessions