Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC) Financial Services sponsored a Lunch and Learn Workshop

April 29, 2016

by Delia Swiger at 12:24 PM in Campus CommunityEventsClassifieds

Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC) Financial Services sponsored a lunch and learn workshop on April 28 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. for OIT staff to learn about retirement planning.


VALIC Retirement Planning Consultant Robert Johnston explains the value of early retirement  planning during the lunch and learn workshop.

 The VALIC Retirement Plan consultant Robert  Johnston  highlighted the fact that essential living expenses keep going up like food, housing, healthcare, and transportation, and we may be tempted to put off saving for our retirement.  The seminar titled "Your Retirement Plan at Work" Lunch & Learn:  was an extremely informative session for the staff to plan for the future.


OIT Staff at the VALIC lunch and learn retirement workshop.

Topics discussed at the seminar included:

  • Why it's important to start saving for retirement NOW
  • How to get the most out of your University of Texas voluntary plans
  • How your 403b plan works in tandem with TRS and Social Security
  • How to estimate how much money you will need to retire

If you are interested in further information, there is a UTSA staff liaison you may contact (see below) for individualized planning by setting up a consultation.

The UTSA campus liaison is:

Donald Hogan, Financial Advisor

800-892-5558 Ext 89584