May 26, 2016

by Nicole Duff at 9:23 AM in Campus CommunityNewsStaff NewsInteresting

Chip Meadows.jpg

       (Senior Information Security Analyst Chip Meadows.)

Senior Information Security Analyst Chip Meadows, from the UTSA Office of Information Security (OIS), recently participated in the San Antonio FBI Citizens Academy program. Meadows attended weekly meetings for two months under the tutelage and mentorship of staff and agents of the local San Antonio division.

The Citizens Academy unites community leaders from diverse industries and provides them an opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the FBI. As part of the program, leaders attend classes where they are given presentations and participate in exercises aimed at increasing their knowledge about the FBI's missions, policies, etc. 

Some of the topics covered by the curriculum included:

  • Practical problems involving evidence collection and preservation.
  • FBI jurisdiction and congressional oversight.
  • Structure and operation of FBI field offices and resident agencies.
  • Fingerprint, forensic, technology, training, and other services.
  • Policies and issues: ethics, discipline, communications, civil rights, and criminal trends.
  • Firearms training.


"The most beneficial part of the class was access to the Agents and their supervisors," said Meadows. "I can honestly say I have never met a finer, more professional group in all of my journeys. I have a new appreciation for their jobs, their challenges, and how the Department of Justice works."

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