UTSA Advanced Visualization Lab (VizLab) Renovations!

June 03, 2016

by Dalinda Hanna at 12:52 PM in Campus Community, InterestingProjectsProductivity


Upgraded monitors at the Advanced Visualization Laboratory (VizLab).

(Written by Director of Research Computing Support and Innovative Solutions Group Brent League)

The UTSA Advanced Visualization Laboratory (VizLab), managed by the Office of Information Technology Research Computing Support Group (RCSG), allows researchers from all disciplines of art, science and engineering to conduct simulation and visualization research to better understand complex phenomena and translate data into images on large-scale and high resolution visualization walls or other display devices.

The VizLab contains several pieces of hi tech equipment, such as a “VizWall,” a haptic feedback device used for surgery or injection simulations, an 82” 3D monitor, and two pairs of Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets.  The VizWall, originally constructed in 2011, is a 14.4 feet wide by 6 feet tall visualization wall. It is comprised of 24 high-definition (HD) 32" monitors and has a maximum resolution of approximately 98 Million pixels.  It is used to display images of classical art work, biological images, engineering images, etc. The resolution is so high that one can zoom in so far and see very minute details, such as brushstrokes in an art painting.


The before image of the VizLab with thicker screens before the renovation.


The RCSG recently completed an upgrade of the monitors in an effort to improve visualization. The team was able to locate and acquire new monitors with a mere 5mm bezel.  The smaller bezel sizes have greatly enhanced the visualization experience. RCSG Support Engineers Jeremy Mann and Thomas Freeman explained that in addition to physically mounting the monitors, a lot of staff time and effort went into aligning them properly, both physically and within the Linux application that drives the VizWall monitors.  In addition to the alignment, the application also had to be reconfigured for the smaller bezel sizes.

The VizLab is located in Multi-Disciplinary Building, Room 1.03.06N and is open between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.  Anyone is welcome to stop in for a quick tour, or you can contact Brent League at extension 5877 to arrange a more formalized group tour of the VizLab. To learn more visit http://sivirt.utsa.edu/vizlab.php