Banner XE Upgrade Will Enhance ASAP Registration Experience for UTSA Students

August 26, 2016

by Nicole Duff at 6:48 AM in Campus Community,Interesting, Student Info

Registration Module.PNG
(A screenshot of the upgraded registration module students will soon see in ASAP.)

UTSA students will soon be able to register for classes using a modernized registration module in ASAP. This new and user-friendly module is a result of a recent application upgrade for Student Information Systems.

ASAP is a portal commonly used by students to complete a myriad of key tasks, including registering for classes, adding/dropping classes, applying for and accepting financial aid, ordering parking permits, checking admissions among many more.

In an effort to improve and streamline the registration experience for students, the UTSA Office of Information Technology's (OIT) Application Development and Support (ADS) team in partnership with the UTSA Office of the Registrar performed this new upgrade to the current registration module in ASAP.

"Banner XE Registration will enhance the overall user experience, look and feel," said Jayashree Iyengar, director of ADS. "It will provide better navigation and more modern features."

One of the innovative features of this upgraded module is its shopping cart. With this feature, students will be able to register for classes by simply placing their desired courses in a shopping cart. This feature, therefore, eliminates the need for students to resort to the traditionally-used method of jotting down and entering course reference numbers (CRNs), which was required in the previous version of the module.  


(A screenshot of the Banner XE Registration Module.) 

Another important feature of this upgraded module is its dashboard, which will provide students a clear picture of their forecasted schedules in a central location. The dashboard will also enable students to immediately view potential schedule conflicts, and make modifications as needed.

"The dashboard will give students a more up-to-date view and will allow them to see a lot of information in one place, said Amparo Hubbard, senior enterprise systems programmer. "It's very visual so if classes are closed or full, students will have an easier, visually appealing way of seeing that."

Once implemented, students will have the choice between either the current registration module on ASAP or the upgraded module. Eventually the module will be interfaced with the FREE and interactive degree-planning tool, DegreeWorks, to allow students to register using their customized semester plans.



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