OIT Staff Will Take a Coffee Break with the CIO

August 29, 2016

by Danicia Steele at 2:19 PM in Interesting, EventsStaff News



UTSA's Office of Information Technology (OIT) staff is scheduled to attend "Coffee with the CIO." The event will take place on September 20th at 10 a.m. in the University Center (UC) Denman Ballroom.  Staff will be treated to coffee and refreshments and learn more about OIT's new mission and vision statements.

The event is designed to elaborate on OIT's rebranding effort. "It is important that OIT staff comprehends the reason behind the new brand and have a full understanding of its meaning," said Ernest Hernandez III, director of Video Technology. "It's important to get everyone in one room to remind us that we are one team.

The event will include an overview of how the new brand, mission and vision statements were developed and adopted. There will also be videos introducing the staff to new perspectives from their colleagues about why the brand is important. Hernandez says, "the presentations will give all staff members the opportunity to relate with their peers on the brand."

The event will end with remarks from Interim Vice Provost and CIO Bryan Wilson. The keynote will focus on OIT's commitment to providing top-tier service and support to the university community.

Our new brand, mission and vision statements were developed to ensure we are always supporting the goals of UTSA. Hernandez stated, "The reason we are going through this change is because we want to realign ourselves with the mission of UTSA."

To learn more about OIT's new brand, mission and vision statements click here.