Learning Studio Scheduled to Allow UTSA Community to Explore New Technologies and Resources Available to Foster Success

September 22, 2016

by Nicole Duff at 1:08 PM in Campus Community, Productivity, Staff News, Student Info, News, Interesting, Events, Student Info

Learning Studio.png 

 (Mock-up of the furniture layout for the Learning Studio.)

The Learning Technologies team of the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) has created a new learning space called the Learning Studio to help acquaint the UTSA community with new technologies and resources that are readily available to enhance their academic experience at UTSA.

"This will be a maker space, so we can have everyone test out new technologies and resources. From there, we will decide what we can set up technology-wise in our general purpose classrooms and active learning spaces," said Joe Tobares, director of Learning Technologies. "Because of the elements we are installing in the Learning Studio, we hope to help instructors and learners find ways to collaborate better, which is the most important feature of an Active Learning Space."

Attendees of the Learning Studio will have the chance to experience new technologies and resources such as wireless media devices, which allow the user to project to the display from wherever they are sitting. In addition, attendees will be able to test out furniture that is flexible and allows for different arrangements and easier collaboration.

"The Learning Studio is one of the outcomes of research we did via a survey, which we offered to faculty," Tobares explained. "From the results, we identified that faculty wanted things that already exist in the classroom, but didn't exactly know how to use them or that they were available."

The Learning Studio will also offer FREE training opportunities for students, faculty and staff to help increase their awareness of the OIT products and services that are available to enhance their academic experience at UTSA. The Learning Technologies team plans to work in conjunction with other OIT areas, such as Support Services and the Office of Online Learning, in hopes that this will help the UTSA community maximize its use of OIT-offered products and services software.  

These products and services include Microsoft Office Professional Plus and OneDrive for Business, which are offered at no cost. In addition, Tobares hopes that students and faculty will be able to use the Learning Studio to exchange knowledge about how they use technology in their daily lives and how it can be incorporated into the classroom.

The course offerings during the Learning Studio will focus on an array of topics centered on leveraging technology to enhance learning. A few of the courses will be invitation-only, but the majority will be open to all students, faculty, and staff who are interested in attending.

"We have a service catalog about what OIT provides," Tobares continued. "However, we want to actually show them how to use these products effectively. My expectation is that this will become the place where we explore and evolve the teaching and learning experience at UTSA."


For more information about the Learning Studio, students, faculty and staff should be on the lookout for an email from the Learning Technologies team.

To view available OIT resources for Faculty, Staff and Students please visit the OIT Service Catalog.