OIT Customer Kudos: September

{September} {29}, {2016}

by Rosalind Ong De Trevino at 12:43 PM in Campus Community, Staff News, Customer Kudos


Customer Kudo for Dan Byrd, Brent League, George Zavala, and Jason Skow


“I saw several OIT staff members push a stalled vehicle out of the way on UTSA Blvd during lunch. I thought it was very noble of them. People were recklessly driving down the wrong way and there could have been accident. OIT saved the day! I am sure they did it without a second thought, but I was grateful for them and I am sure everyone else was also!”

-Angel Olivarez

Academic Advisor


Customer Kudo for the OIT iPASS Team


“A wonderful thank you for their passion and dedication for working with our students!!”

-Leticia Duncan-Brosnan, Ph.D.

Executive Director of the Tomas Rivera Center




Customer Kudo for Bill Simonis and John Chismar


I believe that it is noteworthy to mention that Bill was on point this morning with setting up our departmental transition from one vendor to another with multiple printers. We essentially experienced no down time in the Testing Services Department even with a minor setback from the vendor. Bill and John, however, were persistent and thorough with their service and follow-up. Thanks for providing us with a great team.”


-Irene Coad

Administrative Services Officer