OIT Staff Takes a Coffee Break with Their CIO

September 26, 2016

by Danicia Steele at 11:59 AM in Campus Community, Interesting, Staff News

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(Office of imformation Technology staff attending Coffee With CIO)

On September 20, 2016 the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) staff took a coffee break with the Interim Vice Provost and CIO Bryan Wilson. The event took place at 10 a.m. in the University Center (UC) Denman Ballroom. OIT staff was treated to coffee and refreshments as they learned more about OIT's new mission and vision statements.


(Director of Video Technology Ernest Hernandez III giving presentation)

The staff was welcomed by OIT's Information Security Operations Officer Kevin Kjosa as he introduced the Director of Video Technology Ernest Hernandez III. Hernandez provided an overview of how the new brand, mission and vision statements were developed and adopted. OIT members were also given the opportunity to view videos introducing them to new perspectives from their colleagues on what they felt the new OIT brand meant as well as a video of UTSA's Research Computing Group showcasing how OIT has collaborated across campus to help us achieve Tier One status.


(Interim Vice Provost and CIO Bryan Wilson giving a speech on rebranding)

The event ended with keynote remarks from Wilson providing the staff with a better understanding of why OIT has decided to rebrand. OIT's mission and new vision statements align with the UTSA 2020 Blueprint which is designed to guide the univeristy toward Tier One. Wilson elaborated on how OIT's new changes involve eveyone and to accomplish our goals its important to Collaborate and Innovate so in the end UTSA can Succeed.

To learn more about OIT's new brand, mission and vision statements click here.