Tech Tip: Passphrase

{September} {30}, {2016}

by Nicole Duff at 11:08 AM in Campus Community, Tech Tips


National Cyber Security Awareness Month is only a few days away! For this week's Tech Tip we'll be addressing passphrases.

Your passphrase is like a password for UTSA resources, but it's longer and more secure. Basically, it's an encryption key. Strong passphrases are key to network security. One way to improve your computer security habits and keep your information more secure is to use your passphrase only for UTSA. You should always keep it secret and not give it away.  

 A passphrase increases complexity and reduces the chance of brute force attacks. You can simply use a phrase or sentence instead of a word or set of characters as in the case of a password (e.g. words to your favorite song or a line from your favorite movie). The key to creating a strong passphrase is to use something that's meaningful to you but that can't be easily guessed.

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