Assistant Vice Provost for Information Technology Invited to Professional Development Luncheon

October 14, 2016

by Nicole Duff at 1:38 PM in Campus Community, Events, Interesting, Staff News

dr. romo event.png 

(From left to right: Dr. Vanessa Hammler Kenon with UTSA Deans and Faculty as well as prominent civic leader Aaronetta Hamilton Pierce (center) and  Dr. Cokely at the professional development luncheon held on October 6th.)

Assistant Vice Provost for Information Technology Dr. Vanessa Hammler Kenon, who also holds a joint faculty appointment with the College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) African American Studies (AAS) Program, was invited by UTSA President Ricardo Romo and the faculty of the AAS program to a professional development luncheon on October 6.

Dr. Kenon will teach a COEHD and Office of Information Technology (OIT) collaborative hybrid course in the spring of 2017. Titled "African Americans in Media, Film and Technology," this course will offer students insight into the roles and influence of modern-day African Americans in various fields including film, digital media and technology and will meet on Mondays from 6:00 – 8:45 p.m. in OIT's Learning Technologies' brand new Learning Studio (BB 3.04.16).

20161006_124144_resized.jpg(From left to right: Dr. Cokely accepts an award from UTSA President Ricardo Romo and Director of the African American Studies (AAS) Program Karla Broadus.)

During the luncheon, UTSA AAS Visiting Research Scholar Dr. Kevin Cokley led a presentation titled "Promoting Positive Wellness for African American Students." A recipient of the 2014 Regents Outstanding Teacher Award at UT-Austin, Dr. Cokely is a professor in both the departments of Educational Psychology and African and African Diaspora Studies. In addition, he serves as the Director of the Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Black Psychology.