Splunk Software Will Soon Enable OIT to Enhance Application Services Offered to the UTSA Community

October 17, 2016

by Nicole Duff at 1:24 PM in Campus Community, Productivity, Projects, Interesting


The Enterprise Managed Customer Solutions team of the UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) is currently working on implementing Splunk, a popular software which converts machine-generated data into valuable insights also known as operational intelligence. This particular software, once deployed, will help to streamline OIT's data analysis and reporting processes.

"It's amazing technology and could help a lot of groups that have their own services and customers to support," said Mauricio Sandoval, assistant director of Enterprise Managed Customer Solutions. "It can give them insight into the devices, applications, hardware, and security that their services rely on, eliminating the need for access to restricted technologies and with real-time data."

Currently used in over 110 countries around the world, Splunk can prove particularly beneficial for the UTSA community. Not only will Splunk enable OIT to easily monitor usage and trends of applications and other resources throughout the university, but it can help OIT quickly identify issues in its infrastructure. This can potentially help OIT increase its service uptime as part of its commitment to enhancing the services it provides to the UTSA community.

"We could potentially prevent outages, ramp up resources during registrations and quickly identify over or underutilized resources," Sandoval explained.

Although in the early stages of implementation at UTSA, this automated software can be used to acquire machine data from key systems. This includes data from the student information system (SIS) Banner, the learning management system (LMS) Blackboard, as well as mobile applications and other IT operations, which would have otherwise been time-consuming and tedious to obtain. Data parsed from these systems, especially Banner, which the team hopes to target first, can help OIT identify student usage metrics and increase system performance.

OIT intends to first utilize this service and then extend it to other departments and offices at UTSA, according to Sandoval.

"Splunk can give UTSA the ability to report, analyze trends, alert, and predict behavior on key services or applications," Sandoval continued. "It can bridge technologies and IT groups together to give us a better understanding and view of all processes that make up a service."


To learn more about Splunk, please visit https://www.splunk.com/.