New UTSA Research Conflict of Interest (COI) Website Now Live

November 22, 2016

by Nicole Duff at 8:28 AM in Productivity, Projects


​(Screenshot of the landing page of the new Conflict of Interest (COI) website.)

UTSA faculty needing to complete their annual Conflict of Interest (COI) can now do so via a new website. This past summer, the UTSA Office of Information Technology's Application Development and Support (ADS) team collaborated with the UTSA Office of Research Integrity (ORI) to develop a user-friendly website that will offer faculty a sleek user interface, with a modern design, which will replace the previously used system.

"The initial website was a third-party product, which eventually became too expensive to maintain and modify," said Jayashree Iyengar, director of ADS. "The Office of Research Integrity approached us to develop a product in-house with only the features they needed in it."

UTSA requires that faculty members annually disclose any conflicts of interest, which may potentially impact their research work and other responsibilities at UTSA. This disclosure enables the university to determine whether outside activities are compliant with the university's policies and standards outlined in section 10.04 of the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP).

The ADS team customized the new COI website, using the latest technologies, in an effort to provide faculty an enhanced experience when submitting their disclosures. The new website allows users to easily make amendments to previously submitted disclosure forms. Doing so eliminated the need for faculty to create entirely new disclosure forms every year, thereby reducing administrative time.

"With this new website, users can easily create new disclosures or open previous disclosures, modify a few key pieces of information and submit the changes," explained Greg Oliver, OIT manager for ADS. "This reduces the need for users to start from scratch year after year which reduces re-work and saves time for faculty."

UTSA faculty can also file disclosures from virtually any location as this new website is accessible on mobile devices. Its responsive web design (RWD) allows the layout of the website to adapt to the size of the screen on any device through which it is being viewed.

"One of the benefits of doing it in-house is there is no annual maintenance fee," Oliver explained. "Also, if ORI needs future enhancements, then we're just across the breezeway."


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