OIT Customer Kudos: November

{November} {23}, {2016}

by Rosalind Ong De Trevino at 2:46 PM in Customer Kudos




Customer Kudo for Vanessa Hammler Kenon, Ed.D. 


"Thank you so much for making Unifying Mobility 2016 a huge success!  Your presentation ratings were excellent!!

Again, we at DubLabs are very appreciative that you took the extra time out of your schedule to prepare and agreed to be one of our presenters.  

Great job and thank you!"

-Tony Orlando

Chief Executive Officer, DubLabs


Customer Kudo for Joe Tobares, Casey Sisco, and the Learning Technologies team 


"I hope all is well … and you have all recovered from hosting such a successful CCUMC event.  Not only was the venue a perfect location, but the technology implemented to support the Conference was also very impressive. I'm glad that the CCUMC community was able to see how well the UTSA staff can support Professional Audio Visual integration at a very high level.

I feel very fortunate to have seen the Team grow. [OIT Learning Technologies] hasalways been a great example of how higher education institutions can support IT / AV integration at such professional and technical levels.  In essence you are the perfect model for institutions who are looking to bring IT / AV integration in-house and should collectively be proud of your combined efforts."


-Anthony Del Toro
Education Accounts Specialist, Extron Electronics



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