The UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) Introduces New Technical Support Live Chat Service

November 28, 2016

by Nicole Duff at 7:12 AM in Campus Community, Interesting, News, Productivity


(Screenshots of the click-to-support tile and chat window that users will see when connecting to the Live Chat Service.)

UTSA students, faculty and staff can now receive technical assistance remotely on any UTSA computing asset or mobile device. This is thanks to a new service called OITConnect Chat Support, which allows users to obtain real-time technical support from the UTSA Office of Information Technology's (OIT's) OITConnect team.

Previously, users could only create service requests through OITConnect via email, phone, the online portal, or in-person.  However, in an effort to further expand the customer support tools it offers to the UTSA community, OIT decided to offer a live chat service, which is accessible by clicking on the Live Chat icon located on the OITConnect website.

"Over time, users have requested that we provide a chat capability for support," said Ben Garcia, director of Customer Operations and Support. "As this is also an industry trend, we felt it was the time to move forward to implement this. Our goal is not to provide chat to replace any other communication channel, but to serve as an additional channel that users can receive support through."

Provided by a vendor called, OITConnect Chat Support enables users to communicate with OIT technicians and conveniently receive assistance from virtually any location. OIT technical support agents are able to directly access affected machines and mobile devices, in order to perform necessary repairs and software installations regardless of whether the device is connected to the UTSA network or public internet. Live technicians are readily available to assist customers during OITConnect's hours of operation.

"This new service has the potential to benefit our community because it allows quicker visibility and access to the computing asset that's experiencing an issue," Garcia explained. "We are directly online, not only with the customer, but with the machine to immediately troubleshoot it during that initial interaction."

OITConnect Chat Support will enable users to receive instant responses to help resolve any technical concerns that may arise on their devices, further reflecting OIT's dedication to providing top-tier customer service to the university.

"I find chat to be an extremely effective communications tool," Garcia shared. "By going through chat, the conversation is captured, which allows us to have a greater, more accurate record of what the user is requesting and what work was done for future reference and to further improve our process."

To access the OIT Technical Support Live Chat service, please click here.

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