OIT Improves Wireless Coverage for the UTSA Sombrilla

December 15, 2016

by Danicia Steele at 1:21 PM in Campus Community, Interesting, News, Projects, Student Info


(Illustration of new access points on building surrounding the Sombrilla)

In the fall of 2016, UTSA's Office of Information Technology (OIT) began implementing additional wireless access points to help enhance coverage of the university's network system for students, faculty, and staff. The wireless expansion will be utilized to provide better Internet coverage around the UTSA Sombrilla. Due to architectural limitations, UTSA currently has a limited wireless access point deployment which provides coverage to a portion of the Sombrilla. To help enhance the Wi-Fi, OIT will be placing wireless access points along the overhangs of the buildings surrounding the Sombrilla.

The access points will be installed in front of the overhangs of the McKinney Humanities (MH), Science, Multidisciplinary Studies (MS), Arts, and Main Buildings (MB), as well as the 3rd floor of the John Peace Library (JPL). During this project, the team will input holes in the cover areas to place conduit pathways in the surrounding building leaving no exposed wiring and only the access points viewable. This is a multiphase project that consists of:

1.   Cabling

2.   Powering

3.   Conduit installation

4.   Installing access points

As of now additional access points have been added in the JPL and the MH. Once the access points are installed they will immediately start providing enhanced wireless coverage.  Director of Infrastructure Services Daniel Byrd states, "We can expect wireless coverage and performance in the Sombrilla and surrounding areas to be drastically improved upon completion of this project."

Enhancing the Wi-Fi coverage will help benefit many students who enjoy spending time in the Sombrilla area by providing better coverage and signal strength on their wireless devices. Byrd says students can expect all access points to be implemented when they return for the spring 2017 semester.

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