OIT Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Celebrated During National Employee Learning Week

December 22, 2016

by Nicole Duff at 2:33 PM in Campus Community, Staff News, Interesting


(From left to right: Mary-Margaret Echevarria, Rosalind Ong De Trevino, Danicia Steele and Nicole Duff at the SME Celebration.)

As part of the 2016 National Employee Learning Week, the UTSA Human Resources Department held a SME Celebration on December 9 for subject matter experts (SMEs). The super-hero themed reception style event was held in the North Paseo Building (NPB 1.408) from 9:30-11:00 a.m. and united SMEs from across the University.

Superhero SMEs from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) who were celebrated at this event included:

  • Mary-Margaret Echevarria, telecommunications manager
  • Rosalind Ong De Trevino, project coordinator
  • Danicia Steele, communications specialist
  • Nicole Duff, communications specialist
  • Diana Amis, instructional development specialist
  • Sailaja Athyala, Ph.D., instructional designer
  • Claudia Arcolin, Ph.D., instructional designer
  • Mayra Collins, instructional designer


(From left to right: Diana Amis, Mayra Collins and Claudia Arcolin, Ph.D. in front of the superhero themed photo booth.) 

Attendees were treated to refreshments and were allowed to network with other SMEs. In addition, there were an array of activities offered including a photo booth. In appreciation of their hard-work, all SMEs who attended were provided with a complimentary laptop bag.

OIT SMEs offer training to UTSA faculty and staff in an array of areas including Office365, SharePoint for Official Faculty Review, SharePoint Online and Blackboard Learn.

"Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are UTSA employees who have expertise in a specialty training area. More than 80 SME's throughout the Tri-Campus Community provide training programs to UTSA employees each semester." (http://training.utsa.edu/sme.php)

To view and enroll in upcoming OIT training classes, please click here.

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