OIT Customer Kudos: January

{January} {31}, {2017}


Customer Kudo for the Application Development and Support (ADS) team

“Upon arriving at UTSA in the summer of 2016, I immediately recognized the need to modernize our website, enabling greater information dissemination and collaboration.  I immediately challenged our cadets and instructors to develop a new website for the program.  In short, I am in awe of the transformation that occurred in just a few short months!  I realize that the initiative and dedication from a few cadets and instructors got this started, but we would have accomplished little without the outstanding support of UTSA’s Office of Information Technology’s Application Development and Support and the University Communications and Marketing teams.  Thank you so much for your tremendous support throughout this project.” 


 -Major Christopher Stelle

 Department Chair and Professor of Military Science, UTSA Army ROTC