The Office of Information Technology (OIT) Seeks to Extend its Service Management Tools to Additional ITA Groups

{February} {28}, {2017}






The UTSA Office of Information Technology (OIT) is exploring the viability of collaborating with additional Information Technology Associates (ITAs) across the University to further streamline its IT ticketing response process.  

ITAs serve as technical support liaisons between OIT and various UTSA departments and offices. Currently, ITAs from six departments and offices can initiate ticketing requests through the OIT Service Manager ticketing system (SCSM 2012). These ITAs are based in the College of Public Policy, College of Architecture and Construction Planning, The Graduate School, UTSA Police Department, Office of Enrolment Information Systems and the Office of Student Information Systems.

"For the areas we are partnering with, it creates this unified sense of support for the user," said Ben Garcia, director of Customer Service and Operations Support. "This partnership ensures that both OIT and the ITA support teams are aligned to support the IT needs of our University community."

This partnership also enables ITAs to route support requests directly to technical support groups within OIT to ensure greater visibility and transparency in the ticketing process. Additionally, by incorporating ITAs to perform initial troubleshooting on affected devices prior to routing tickets to OITConnect, this collaboration helps expedite the time for ticket resolution.



(The landing page of the Service Management Ticketing System.)


Due to an increased interest in this initiative, OIT is planning to expand this partnership to ITAs across other UTSA departments and offices. Although still in the early stages of development, this expansion has the potential to further enhance the top-tier customer support service OIT and ITAs offer to the University community.

"This expansion creates a greater partnership between OIT and the ITA technical groups," Garcia added. "It improves customer service for the user as now there is a greater unified team approach between OIT and the ITAs. It also builds a foundation of creating greater transparency, knowledge sharing and greater team effort, thereby improving support."

To submit a ticket to OITConnect, please contact or call 210-458-5555.