Do Your Part! Work with UTSA’s Office of Information Security to Protect the University.

March 31, 2017


The UTSA Office of Information Security (OIS) team works daily to increase the awareness of cyber threats and educate UTSA faculty, staff, and students on practices to avoid cyber threats. With a combined 80 years of information security experience, OIS still depends upon the best practices of its users. Together, the UTSA community can keep our data safe.

UTSA continues to be a target for cyber threats. Cyber threats have different agendas, all of which include gaining access to university data and network resources. The threats come from single actors, criminal organizations, and nation states. Everyone is capable of doing their part to decrease the risk of cyber threats.

Protect yourself and our university by “Doing your part” in information security. Make sure you are aware of cyber threats including phishing, which continues to be a threat on campus. There are hazards you can avoid by “Doing your part” with a little cyber hygiene. Cyber hygiene is a collection of steps that the university can take to improve our cyber security and be better protected online. These steps require users to:

  1. Create a strong passphrase!
  2. Examples:
    • DO_Your_Part4CyberSercurity
    • BeAware&St8ySafe
  1. Use backup services for all your files.
  2. Not click on links in emails from people you don’t know.
  3. Make good choices on how to transmit and process data!

This year OIS will be reaching out to the UTSA community and urge everyone to “Do Your Part”. Information security is everyone's responsibility and with our experienced OIS team, increased awareness, and the ability to “Do Your Part,” UTSA can succeed and win the battle against cyber threats.