UTSA COEHD Receives Funding from the OIT Academic Support Solutions Fund for Research Initiative and Prospective Graduate Course

{March} {29}, {2017}

Written by: Nicole Duff, Communications Specialist

The UTSA College of Education and Human Development (COEHD) is one of nine UTSA colleges to be awarded funding from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Academic Support Solutions Fund, formerly the Technology Fund. The award will assist associate dean of Academic Affairs, director of Recruitment and Engagement and associate professor in the UTSA department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Technology, Theodorea Berry, Ed.D., in conducting qualitative research on traditionally marginalized women in academia for a project entitled “Documentary Narrative Analysis.”

The aim of the project is two-fold. It will first chronicle the experiences of a cohort of UTSA faculty from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds who have been employed in higher education for at least 20 years. The study will explore each participant's experiences in the classroom by examining the impact of race and gender on the teaching and learning experience in an effort to show some of the disparities in higher education.

“I was elated after learning that this project was awarded funding,” said Dr. Berry. “My hope is that this documentary will motivate other young women representative of the participants in the study to potentially seek out the goal of becoming a college professor.”

In addition, the project will offer a prospective graduate level course for UTSA students in film-making. The seminar-style course will be offered through the UTSA Graduate School and will enable interested Master’s and Doctoral students from all backgrounds to gain an in-depth understanding of narrative and documentary research.

“I wanted to find ways to engage in a study to explore the use of technology to document individual studies,” Dr. Berry explained. “I also wanted to find out how to teach graduate students to engage in that kind of work so that these and dissertations are not always about what is on paper but also what people can visualize."  

Support from the OIT Academic Support Solutions Fund has enabled Dr. Berry and the COEHD to purchase technology needed for the filming of the documentary as well as to assist students in the completion of the prospective course. Some of the technology purchased include iPad Airs, and accessories such as lenses, microphones and tripods. In addition, software to assist in the editing process was also purchased.

In the fall of 2016, a call for proposals was distributed to each UTSA college, by way of the OIT Faculty Advisory Committee, encouraging members to submit proposals for funding of a technology project aimed at enhancing student life. This committee convenes on a quarterly basis and serves as a liaison between OIT and UTSA faculty.

A sub-committee of undergraduate and graduate UTSA students, along with OIT managers and staff, was formed to vote on proposals. Departments were awarded funding based on their proposal’s alignment with at least one of the goals of Blueprint UTSA and its adherence to the guidelines of the Automated Services and Computer Access Charge.



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