OIT Collaborates with the UTSA Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars

April 27, 2017


 (ADTS members panel during the Shared Experiences Forum)


By: Danicia Steele, Communications Specialist

During spring 2017, the UTSA Office of Information Technology's (OIT's) Video Production Group (VPG) and Customer Relations and Communications (CRC) team collaborated with the UTSA Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars (ADTS). ADTS was established in 2012 and is made up of over 30 UTSA faculty members who symbolize excellence in teaching. Each semester ADTS hosts a Shared Experience Forum allowing members to share their best teaching and learning practices with other UTSA faculty.

ADTS members during a panel discussion on “Does size impact pedagogy

(ADTS members during a panel discussion on “Does size impact pedagogy?”)


ADTS hosted two live steam Shared Experience Forums in the spring semester, March 8th and April 5th. The forums featured “Does size impact pedagogy?” focusing on teaching large classes and “How to reduce percentages, not quality” as they revisited DFW’s. Both forums took place in the UTSA Faculty Center Assembly Room (JPL 4.04.22) where light snacks and beverages were provided.

Stephen Matthews operating the live stream camera.

(Stephen Matthews operating the live stream camera.)


OIT collaborated with Senior Lecturer in the UTSA College of Business and member of ADTS Thomas Cannon, Ph.D., to provide marketing for the Shared Experiences Forum. Communications Specialist Danicia Steele and Multimedia Designer Yuri Martinez-Ramos with CRC provided direct email marketing to the UTSA faculty. Steele and Martinez- Ramos also constructed surveys and certificates that were given out after each forum.


(James Borrego and Gerard Bustos producing the Shared Experiences Forum live stream)


During the event, Video Production Manager Gerard Bustos was the live stream producer and Senior Producer James Borrego served as the technical director. Additionally, Video Producers Stephen Matthews and Jose Carrillo operated the cameras for both forms.  The live stream was beneficial to a significant amount of faculty who were not able to attend in person. Bustos stated, "the forum is informative and beneficial to faculty and live streaming allows all faculty the opportunity to improve their practices for UTSA students.”

The forum takes each semester and is open to all UTSA faculty. OIT has already began collaborating with ADTS members on future marketing for the fall semester.

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