April Customer Kudos

April 28, 2017

OIT Customer Kudos


Customer Kudo for: OIT Application Development and Support Senior IT Project Manager Jerry Smith


I wanted to extend my appreciation of Jerry’s partnership and collaboration in recent and past RFP response reviews.  His attention to detail, quick response, and most importantly, willingness to actively review and participate allows our office to select high-quality vendors.  This in turn makes Campus Services and UTSA successful.  Additionally, his participation in the Parking Appeals Board allows our office to give students and employees an unbiased review of their citation review.  As a voluntary and thankless task that it is, we appreciate his ongoing partnership…. One of the guiding principles of Business Affairs is that we Value people and as such I wanted to convey that our office appreciates his partnership.


Clay Haverland, CASP

Assistant Vice President for Campus Services

Customer Kudo for: Video Production Group & Customer Relations and Communications Team

(Event: ADTS Shared Experience Forum)

What a great job the Video Production team did representing OIT at this event today. The professionalism of their operation was top notch! The discussion was well worth the time and effort everyone on both the CRC and especially Video Production team put into this event. OIT was mentioned numerous times for collaboration and support and it was clear the faculty members  both in the audience and at the event truly appreciated the department’s efforts and participation.



Vanessa Hammler Kenon Ed.D.

Assistant Vice Provost for IT