Meet a Geek: Greg Oliver

May 17, 2017


We at OIT were curious about how well we really knew our colleagues.  In this blog post series, we'll interview the many faces of OIT to get a better understanding of the people who work with technology at UTSA.

So without further ado let's meet Greg Oliver, OIT Manager for Application Development and Support.


Full name/nickname(s)...Greg Oliver

Job title... OIT Manager, Application Development and Support

On a typical day on the job, I... make sure that all of our nightly, automated processes work to ensure that faculty, staff and students can login to the network and access systems like ASAP, Insight and BlackBoard, for example.  I troubleshoot issues that come to ADS and either resolve them myself or assign to staff.  I mentor and guide staff with their development work, and I attend meetings for new and existing projects.

My family consists of... my wife, daughter and myself on a ranch in the country – two hours east of San Antonio

My kids are…. wonderful, but sometimes they are too smart for their own good.  J

My parents used to say… do the right thing, be honest, work hard, and you will be successful – it has proved true in my life.

Pets and/or other varmints... 6 dogs, 8 goats and 1 deer

Time at UTSA (including school and work)... I started in 2012 as a contractor.  I dug in and learned everything I could.  In 2013 I was hired as a programmer.  Soon thereafter, I became a senior programmer.  In 2016 I became a manager.

The best thing I ever won in a contest was… best actor in a city-wide competition in the 5th grade for being Johnny Carson in a play.

My prized possession…. a vintage Dallas Cowboys jersey of Emmitt Smith – the Hall of Fame running back who is the leading rusher in the NFL of all time.

No one would recognize if they saw me... in 1997 in Austin with my hair down to my shoulders.

Special Talent/Stupid Human Trick… I can juggle but also catch a stack of coins from my elbow in my hand in one move.  I’m not Frank Caliendo, but I can sound like a few characters such as Hank Hill, Krusty the Clown and Beetlejuice.

In my spare time I like to... spend as much time with my wife – doing anything just to be with the love of my life

Favorite pieces of clothing... jeans and t-shirts

Weirdest thing I admit to wearing…. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wore a unitard for a theater production of Snow White in 2003. 

Favorite food and/or restaurant... oh, it’s Tex-Mex for sure!!!  I was born and raised in Texas.  I had my first hot salsa at age three.  I would make nachos with jalapenos at age 5.  My favorite Mexican restaurant is El Mirador in downtown San Antonio.

Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars of course!  I will never forget seeing the first movie when I was 7 in 1977.  I was hooked. 

Favorite TV show... Live PD – new show on Friday nights that follows cops live as they deal with real issues.  It’s addicting.  I support the Blue!

Favorite movie... Groundhog Day – Bill Murray’s best movie in my opinion, which makes you think about doing the right thing even if it takes eternity.

Favorite candy bar... Snickers with Almonds.  Amazing.

Favorite ice cream flavor... Blue Bell Vanilla – yes, boring, but how can you do better with that perfection?

Favorite cereal... Cap’n Crunch

Favorite cake… Italian Crème Cake.  Ridiculously rich, creamy and decadent. 

Favorite place to visit or vacation... any place colder than Texas like Yellowstone National Park

I'm currently listening to... Comedy Channels on Sirius XM radio

In the past year, I... drove more than twice around the earth – over 50,000 miles just commuting back and forth to work.

In the coming year, I... hope to get a better fuel efficient car. 

Right now I am reading... Benjamin Franklin: An American Life