Meet a Geek: Brian Packer

July 31, 2017


We at OIT were curious about how well we really knew our colleagues.  In this blog post series, we'll interview the many faces of OIT to get a better understanding of the people who work with technology at UTSA.

So without further ado let's meet Brian Packer, Enterprise Cloud Solutions Administrator.


 Brian Packer at the fountain


Full name/nickname(s)... Brian Michael Packer/Packer or Spock (road name)

Job title... Enterprise Cloud Solutions Administrator

On a typical day on the job, I...  answer a lot of email mailbox questions and work with Exchange and Sharepoint permissions.

My family consists of... three brothers and two sisters growing up, my wife and my son now.

My kids are…. one 8 year old son, the coolest guy ever!

Pets and/or other varmints... none right now, though I have had cats, dogs, and a turtle that ran away.

Time at UTSA (including school and work)... 1 year, 1 month

The best thing I ever won in a contest was … gift certificates to local restaurants from a poetry contest in 11 th grade.

My prized possession …. my 1995 Yamaha Virago motorcycle.  It’s a survivor!

No one would recognize if they saw me... in high school. I had much longer hair

Special Talent/Stupid Human Trick….. remembering useless trivia, imitating Kermit the Frog

In my spare time I like to... play video games, work on cars, and play guitars

Favorite pieces of clothing... t-shirt and blue jeans

Weirdest thing I admit to wearing…. KISS make-up for Halloween

Favorite food and/or restaurant... food: Chicago foods like Italian beef sandwiches and deep-dish pizza, restaurant: Wise Guys at West and Nakoma

Star Wars or Star Trek?  Star Trek… and the unspoken question:  Captain Kirk

Favorite TV show... Star Trek: TNG

Favorite movie... Back to the Future Part 2, can’t beat a flying DeLorean or 80’s future

Favorite candy bar... Snickers

Favorite ice cream flavor... Tin Roof Sundae

Favorite cereal... Honey Bunches of Oats

Favorite cake… cheesecake

Favorite place to visit or vacation... Japan

I'm currently listening to... Pirates of the Caribbean 3 soundtrack, though I usually listen to classic rock, metal, and hymns

In the past year, I... learned how to operate cameras at church like a pro!

In the coming year, I... hope to learn play my bass guitar like a pro

Right now I am reading... The Journal of Best Practices by David Finch