August Customer Kudos

August 08, 2017


Customer Kudos for: Network Technician/Support Specialist III Ashlee Vasquez, and Triage workstudy staff


I wanted to take a few minutes out of my day and let you know of an experience I had at your OIT office today. Unfortunately, due to an event that happened today with Dr. Perret’s laptop we were in a state of panic and stress. After receiving a call from my director and we needed to basically “cut line” and needed OIT’S help today. We are LARC, the only department that works with live animals at UTSA and having said that, you can imagine our semi state of panic. I personally walked over to your office this afternoon and needed to service a laptop for Dr. Perret AS SOON AS POSSIBLE until he was able to reunite with his own. I was greeted immediately and I spoke to one of the work-study’s up front, I explained the situation and she politely said to give her a moment and would have someone to help assist. In walks Ashlee, I expressed my concern and my worry on how urgent we needed to get this done, she not only jumped in and started pulling documents to be filled out, she was extremely calm and professional. Ashlee provided excellent customer service alongside of work-study. I wanted to commend you and your team- without a strong leader departments seem not to function as efficient. Good job!


Priscilla Chapa

Administrative Associate II for Laboratory Animal Resource Center



Customer Kudos for: Director of Customer Service and Operations Support Ben Garcia and the entire UTSA OIT team

Please join us in extending a huge thank you to Ben Garcia and the entire UTSA OIT team for the excellent presentation on how they use Social Media to help support their enterprise.  This was an extremely informative presentation that was well received by all attendees.  The event received a “Five Star” rating from attendees.


Your HDI San Antonio Board of Directors!



Customer Kudos for: Carlos Rodriguez, Net Tech/Support Specialist II


That Monday (August 7th) when there was torrential rain, we showed up to the Alumni Office and there was some flooding. We immediately recognized that there were going to be certain people who would not be able to function with their computers because they were on the ground, and we had to wait for the status to be evaluated.

When we initially put up the red flag, stating that we needed help, people didn’t realize how severe the situation was. But once Carlos Rodriguez got here as well as other leadership, the flag got raised and within a couple of hours we had several OIT technicians on-site helping us to get connectivity, relocate to our conference room and evaluate what options we had.

What I valued most was that for the rest of the week, Carlos checked in every single day. He said ‘As soon as they give the all clear let me know and I’ll be there.’ He came over and helped them set-up. I think it’s important to note that we didn’t have to call. Carlos called us every day!


Christine Kjosa

Communications Coordinator, UTSA Alumni Association